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Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Santa Book

I finished my sweet little Christmas notebook that Pam Garrison taught at Silver Bella. It is so cute, with lots of space to jot notes and ideas for this Christmas season and then pack away to peruse on future holidays.I may still add some glitter (sorry Jodie) or maybe just distress ink to the page edges. I am seriously excited about using this for all my Christmas thoughts this year, it is just sooo much fun.
Have a colorful Saturday, P.
P.S. For some very well photographed pictures from Silver Bella go to Everything Vintage
Jodie has a to-die-for camera and the girl has SKILLS. (Except with removing double chins from someones face, oh well, I guess Weight Watcher's is a better option)
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trash talk said...

What double chins? I thought you looked beautiful. Love your Santa book. Still waiting on green velvet coat, though. Hey, what does a Frippery apron look like-a french maid's? Debbie

Jodie LeJeune said...

Yeah, what double chins??? People are checking out my blog just to see YOU! Just wait...I have more pictures of you coming soon! Let me get over my New Orleans weekend and I will post some more of our fabulous Bella weekend!

Sandi said...

What a lovely daughter-like her mom (I didn't notice the double chins--I think we always hate our pictures-I cringe when I look at mine.) Thank you for the kind comments. I'm not sure if my work is glittery enough for SB, but I would like to try.
I wish we could get together more often. Next year seems so far away...