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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Embrace Change

We are living in interesting times, we have come so far, let's embrace change and see where we can go from here.Move forward.

Have a peaceful Wednesday, P
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trash talk said...

Now we need to find out what we can do to help that change happen. He'll need all the help we and God can give him to undo what faces our country today. Deb

Anonymous said...

Nice picture. There is change on the horizon. I'm just not sure all change is good change.

Candy said...

We'll get there.

Stop on by when you get a sec. I have something for you P.

Junk Sophisticate

Sue said...

How are you going to spend your "Bengal free" Sunday? (Since I live in Indiana, I am SOOOO hoping the Colts beat the Steelers today!) Were you at last week's game? Hopefully you got to experience what may be our only win...probably just enough to mess up our draft pick next year! LOL

Thanks for commenting on my blog when I was MIA. It is nice to be missed!

Have a GREAT Sunday!