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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Artful Blogging

Do you read Artful Blogging magazine? I devour it. I have every issue and I still never tire of all the gorgeous photography and the adventures of all the journalers out there in Blogland. This issue is the best so far. I really need tips on how to be a better blogger and the editors are addressing this. I love a little how-to information as I sometimes blunder along. So...after reading some of the articles I realized that although I have been having a blast posting pictures and blathering on about them, my original intent was also to post some art and maybe sell some vintage treasures.I used to draw and paint all the time, but lately life has been getting in the way. I also enjoy trying new things, sewing or maybe a new crafty idea. I have an unfinished art room that we built when finishing the basement last year, but it is still used as a storage closet and I can't get to any of my supplies. Last Monday I pulled a sweater I had felted from Goodwill, an old pillowcase and some ribbon along with my sewing machine, from the mess and set about making something.
Mind you, I am not the best seamstress and this was my first try at felting but...I made a usable purse from junk in about 2 hours! It is girly and pink and I really love it! Perfect accessory for a winter coat (My green corduroy velvet).
I really enjoyed the process as much as the end result. (I will post some instructions later) It is nothing new but it was sooo easy. I am using Silver Bella as a catalyst to return to making art as well as learning new techniques to share with all of you. I want to do more here than blab away about my life. I want to give a little gift back to the readers who are gracious enough to visit with me here.
Change is coming to our country. I may as well go with the flow and make a few changes myself.

Have an inspirational Tuesday, P.
P.S. They also have a premiere issue of Where Women Create that I am saving for my plane trip. All about studio spaces. I really need this one!
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Teresa said...

I used a JoAnn's coupon for Where Women Create last week...this week I'm getting the Artful Blogging issue. The Somerset publications are always such eye candy. Enjoy your trip!

pedalpower said...

Very cute purse!

I love Artful Blogging too. I just got my new issue and can't wait till I can sit down and read.

trash talk said...

When you get all savvy about artful blogging, how about some tutorials? I want to get all fancy/schmancy too! Deb BTW-I'm still going to be looking for photos of the coat and now with a new handbag. 3 words-Fab U Lous

thedomesticfringe said...

Lovely Bag!!

Welcome! said...

I just suscribed to the Artful Blogger and Where Women Create. Can't wait to get them. Nice blog by the way. ~amy