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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween is Almost Here

Where have the years gone?
I should have payed more attention.
It is almost Halloween and we have no plans. Living in an area where the houses are far apart and there are no sidewalks, we have never had trick or treaters. When we built our home Joe and Sadie were 5 and 3 and we had several friends on the street with young children. We would take them farther down the road where houses were closer together for tricks and treats. When they started elementary school and we met some of the other parents we began taking them to a friend's home near their school. The parents hosted a big party and we would walk the neighborhood for miles with a large group of kids, then return for food and drinks afterward. As they grew of course they wanted to go begging with friends, not parents. So we would sit with other parents giving out candy and enjoying their company.
Last year my daughter had some friends over to watch scary movies and my son of course went to a college party. (Dressed in a sequin dress of his grandmother's from the sixties, remind me to find a picture) This year my daughter's band is playing at a friend's party and I'm sure Joe has plans.
I am really starting to feel the empty nest. I am lucky that my kids like to hang with us at the old homestead often, but of course they have their own lives to lead, with friends, as they should.
So, if I had known which year would be the last trick or treat with mom and dad, the last cute kiddie costume I would put together, would I have paid more attention? As parents, if we realized the story we are reading is the last bedtime story they would ask for, would we print the image indelibly on the photo album in our head? What about the last boo boo, trip to the toy store, push on a swing, field trip to chaperone... I guess it would be too hard to face if we knew. Life flies by so fast and children are grown in an instant. I love the relationships I have with my children and their friends now that they are almost adults, but oh what I wouldn't give to have that childhood back for just one day.
This time of year is so bittersweet, the approach of the holidays to come and those past mingle together in everyone's mind. We are filled with both happy anticipation and sweet memories of years gone by. I know this is all part of the river of life, children grow up and their lives are wide open before them. We all have to leave the past behind.
Okay, enough boo hooing, I gotta make some phone calls...I need a recipe for a pitcher of dirty martinis to share with some empty nester friends of my own... Debbie I hear you have a good one.

Have a memorable Tuesday,P
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trash talk said...

Again so much to comment on. Yes, I miss my kids being kids all year long, but I drag out photos of them when they were little at Halloween and get all mushy remembering hayrides thru cemetaries, weinie roasts and smores. Thank goodness for grandkids! Now on to frivolity and a dirty martini. The secret to mine is shake, shake, shake. I use Belvedere(chilled) vodka, a whisper of dry vermouth and a lot of olive juice(we like 'em swampy). I wrap my shaker with a cloth because I shake it so much, it forms ice on the outside. When it's poured into a chilled glass, ice crystals float on the top. Yum-My! The first one is tough going down, but after that you don't feel a thing. 2 olives please! Thank you so much for your recent comment.

trash talk said...

Oh Pam, I almost forgot. I always use a metal shaker. It just makes them colder. You have to use your own judgement on how much olive juice to use. Your friends will love you and it's great exercise for the arms. Debbie

Cherry's Jubilee said...

I know..i only have one...he will be 11 Nov. 8th..but he is already starting to fly fly away. Sighhhhh...cherry

Lola Enchanted said...

Hello, I just happened to bump into you "Your blog" and I absolutely LOVE it!!!!

Happy Halloween!

Berlin Deluxxe said...

*looks at her teenager and sighs*