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Monday, October 20, 2008

View from my Windows

Can't say anything about yesterdays game except LOSERS. We enjoyed the company of my son and his friend Matthew, who was home visiting from Bowling Green State. They've been friends since preschool, he is like a second son. So from now on I suppose the Bengals games will be social events, no expectations,no disappointment. I snapped a few shots of the little fall color we have from the windows of our home. The drought has sure taken it's toll.It was overcast and a bit chilly. This is the time to start finishing up outdoor chores and cozying up the inside for winter.
I'm ready for some good soups and slow cooker meals soon.
It is a sweet transition from summer to winter. Bonfires, cutting wood for the cool weather, hot chocolate and a good book by the fireplace in the evening.
Still time to enjoy being outdoors in the crisp weather with leaves crunching underfoot.
I think I'll take a walk right now. Maybe gather a few bundles of branches for an autumn arrangement.
Have an invigorating Monday, P.
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Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Ahhhh...thank you for the beautifully written and illustrated blog. I enjoyed it so much. The colors are lush and the view from those windows in the kitchen is great! I always like windows without coverings. ~Mindy