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Monday, October 6, 2008

Spookifying, Painting, Bonfires and Good People

So, I go on a blog diet and now I've got too much to shovel into one post. First of all I have been spooking the place up a little more. Remember this mantle? It will come into the picture again later.

As for creepiness, I may have overloaded my entry with too much (is there such a thing?)
I have definitely gone with the gothic, Edgar Allen Poe look this year.
I just love the black and white right now.
The milk glass containers give a really ghostly glow at night. Flicker bulbs in the little crystal lamps help too.
I took this black painted cherub from the powder room and added a raven and Dream glitter hanger. She is now on a pedestal in my entry.
Flicker bulbs in the porch lights give a super spooky look.
We had a bonfire weenie roast Saturday night with Sadie and some friends.
The moon was just beautiful.
We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows for smores. (Not together)
It's all fun and games 'til someone loses their marshmallow. (Even my nephew, Jacob, has the Halloween scheme goin' on)
Back to my lovely mantle decorated with books and ravens. I decided I just had to paint the family room.
I realized I didn't take any pics until I was almost finished. Now I hope I can get my Halloween decorations back the way I had them before. I really did like them.
I made a huge mess.
This should have been my first "before" pic. Notice the paint samples on the back wall. Well, one more thing to be marked off the to do list. As you can see I had a lot of help from "the girls".
As for good people, we attended a fund raiser on Sunday for a dear friend of my husband who has a 24 year old son with a rare form of very aggressive cancer. He is a wonderful, kind and loving father and this is extremely hard on him, seeing his son suffer. A group of his friends got together and put on a dinner/ auction/ fund raiser so he could raise money to fulfill any wishes on his son's bucket list as he promised to make any dream of his come true. This young man just received his Masters in Education from Ohio State and would have been embarking on the beginning of his life.
They expected maybe 300 people to attend but the turnout was more like 500. People are just plain good. Please pray for Tyler and his dad and all who are affected by life threatening illness.

Have a blessed Monday, P.
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Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Prayers sent for Tyler.
I like the warm tones on the walls. And the spooky is fun! I'll be blogging more of my creepy, weird things soon. ~Mindy

Sue said...

Wow, Pam...have you been busy!

I love the white "lanterns" on your china cabinet!!! Hope you get your room back together, just the way you want it...

I am so sorry to hear about Tyler. I will remember him and his family in my prayers as well.

trash talk said...

A wonderful post, as usual-wouldn't expect any less from you. I've got to get busy or it'll still be summer in my house at Christmas. Only positive thoughts and prayers to your friends. Deb

A Sentimental Journey said...

people are good, indeed. Will keep Tyler and his family in my prayers for sure. .. LOVE the spookiness and edgar allen poe-ness! I so admire people who go all out for halloween. . . . . Good Stuff, thanks for sharing!