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Friday, October 3, 2008

Obsessive Posting Dissorder

I have decided that I am posting a bit too much. I find myself struggling to find entertaining things to post about and instead just stick filler in some days. So I am going to put myself on a posting diet, three posts per week (Unless I come up with some brilliant thought or win the lottery and completely remodel my house and yard). This way I can work on some ideas I have to share and also find other bloggers with fabulous ideas to link to. Plus, I really need to tend to the yard. Thanks for understanding. I promise I will make things more interesting.

Have an invigorating Friday, P.

P.S. Once again you must bear with me on my musical tastes. The spookiest month of the year makes me want to cut loose with my most eerie faves (some fun, some creepy and a few distasteful). Turn down your volume if I am getting on your nerves. P.
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trash talk said...

Your post are always interesting. But, I understand. I may have to cut back too. I can't keep saying the cobwebs are part of Halloween decorations. Deb

Sue said...

Sometimes I feel like stopping altogether because it seems like NOBODY reads my posts. (I know, I know..."Woe is me", right? LOL) Even if nobody ever reads my posts, it IS sorta theraputic to try and sort out your thoughts sometimes...

At any rate, I have 2 months to finish an online medical coding class, so I shouldn't even be ON the blogs, let alone writing posts as often as I do!!!

Have a GREAT autumn, Pam! Think we will get a win all year? My "Who Dey?" has just about "who deyed out"!