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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

How Stinkin' Cute are These Tassels?

I promised to showcase some of the creative blogs out there that have great ideas for crafting. This one blew me away. These are super cute and you can make one for any occasion/ holiday/ gift / newly decorated space... My brain is buzzing. I am probably coming late to this tassel how-to but Heather of Betasseled has kindly shared a tutorial and lists of supplies and sources so anyone can make these their own. Visit her here. know I love a black bird or two!
What a beautiful color combo. I could use this anywhere. For the craft challenged among us I don't believe she sells them ready made but I have seen Etsy sights that have them for sale.

The Nester has some stunning examples for sale at her Etsy shop. Visit her blog for lot's of great inspiration.

Susie Harris at Bienvenue has the cutest dog tassels as well as great wall decor and decorating ideas. Visit her at
Each of these crafty gals exhibits their own style and all of the tassels they create are truly one of a kind. I hope you enjoy visiting all of these talented women.
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1 comment:

Janice Lois said...

Beautiful…. those tassels are really very cute, would like to have them as a part of my home decoration.