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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Home Transformation

Welcome to my library! When we built our home this was the living room on the blue print. I decided that I would rather have the dining room be the first room you see upon entering the house. So before we built I switched the living room and dining room spaces. For 15 years this room has been my dining room.My thought was that a dining room usually stays tidy. Was I ever wrong, everything from homework to backpacks, mail and skateboards ended up on or under the table. On top of that, about three years ago I decided my husband should move his office from the fourth bedroom to the current living room since it was used only occasionally. (He would keep it tidy, right?) Wrong again. Plus we have to be quiet when he is working at home because he is usually on the phone. Sooo... I am taking over, the dining room is going to the old living room, currently Joe's office and the current dining room is now a library/sitting room. (Did you follow that?)
My neighbor Cindy Campbell, reupholstered my old chintz wing chairs with this fabulous mix of black and white that I found. The family room coffee table is now the library reading table.
I am working on a wall of white framed mirrors.
The Ikea chandelier that I recently purchased was moving to the new (old?) dining room but I like it so much with the black and white that I am just going to swag it over the reading table.
Black lampshades lined with gold pick up the gold ceiling inset.
These chairs will be repainted and recovered, black and white with white painted frames. The bar used to be a faux marble countertop with a wine cooler beneath. I put the wine cooler in the mudroom. (It wasn't very attractive) This little bar cabinet was a perfect fit, it lights when the top is raised and it was $25.00 at the Salvation Army store. I handpainted white roses on the door and stained it darker. It turned out beautifully.
The bookshelves are from Joe's office, which is moving back upstairs. (I promise it will be decorated very well) We will find some shelves or a credenza that fit better in the room he is moving to.
Love this upholstery fabric, classic yet modern. I have a carved wood chair frame that I have stripped the upholstery from. It will replace this small chair after I turn Cindy loose on it.
A cozy, quiet place to read and visit with friends.

Have a transforming Thursday, P.
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Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Lots of hard work! Looks cozy. Congrats on the well executed transformation. ~Mindy

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Pam, sorry to hear about your friend's dad. We'll miss you! ~Mindy

trash talk said...

I'm going out and buy houndstooth-it looks so clean. Love it. Wish I had a neighbor who unpholstered. How lucky are you. It looks great and I'm jealous. Debbie

Teresa @ PlumWater Cottage said...

I love the way the chairs are done. I did a chair about 15 years ago, and it could really use a lift. The library looks great!

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