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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween Lights and a Pumpkin Tattoo

I like a mix of cute and creepy. My porch is sweet and fall like during the day but those orange Halloween lights change everything after dark.I had to show you my daughters pumpkin decoration. She made a makeshift tattoo machine from an electric toothbrush, a guitar string and ink to tattoo this pumpkin. Even scarier...
She wants to work in a tattoo parlor when she turns 18 for spending money in college. (Can you hear me silently screaming?) I wonder if you can work there and not get any tattoos yourself?
I raised my children to be themselves but I didn't know they would be quite so bohemian.

Have a terror filled Tuesday, P.
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Sue said...

Yes, Pam, I definitely do hear your scream! LOL

Looks like your daughter does have mad skilz,though...

Does this weather feel anything like fall, yet? Maddening, huh...

ginny said...

Wow, what a great pumpkin.
I enjoyed your tour of historic Cincy.