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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Fun

Okay. I have a question. Maybe I'm just tired so I am a little more frustrated than usual, but am I the only one that has to post pictures in the opposite order from the way I want my post to run? I am learning slowly however there must be an easier way. How do you post pics and blog about them at the same time?
'Splain it to me, please! I need a blogging for dummies tutorial.

Enough about that. We had a low key get together last night with a group of friends that we have known since our kids were in kindergarten or first grade. We all met through our children's elementary school, Our Lady of Lourdes, and have been friends since. Our kids are now in high school or college so we decided to get together once a month as a group so we don't lose contact.(we all know that can happen once friends aren't together for this or that school function)

So, the girl's got their hair done for the party...Baby is hiding because she feels naked. Poor girl.
These are the absolute last Halloween dec pictures I am posting. Promise.
Come on in.
We haven't carved the pumpkins yet. (only tattooed them)
Sadie does good work.
A little fall welcome.
And not so welcome. I tried to get a decent shot of cracked head baby but the light wasn't cooperating.
I hate using the flash. Her sign says "Careful I bite."
Remember Sister Mary Very Scary?
Even cute little children can look eerie by candlelight.
Candles in milk glass. Ghostly.
The entry by candlelight.
Orange lights on top of the book cases.
Do you need to use the powder room?

(The beautiful lady and sweet baby are my hubby and his mother Justine. We miss you.)
Grungy jack-o-lanterns. Thanks Home Goods.
I really cut back this year. I probably only displayed about a fifth of all the decorations I have. Liking the spare look. Much less stress.
First fire of the season. (No we weren't watching TV. We found a sounds of the season Halloween music channel for background atmosphere.)
You know my attraction to shiny things. Amber and red glass waiting to be filled.
We had potato soup and chili and amazing appetizers as well as Laura's home made cream puffs. (To die for)
We gave the option of dressing up or not. Since we are all lame except this lovely couple, no one else dressed up.
Say hello to Sarah Palin and Joe six pack. How cute are they?
Some girls just can't handle a party. Thanks for coming, see you soon!
Sunday morning late bloomers. I have been having trouble taking clear pics with my camera lately . I really need to read more of the manual, so I thought I would practice on these last flowers of the year.
This little plant is covered with blue blooms.
See what I mean, not too clear. Maybe a tripod?
A few visitors from across the street.

Have a laid back Sunday, P
P.S. Dare I say "Go Bengals?" Just joking.
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Berlin Deluxxe said...

Your decorations look adorable, I love the candle-in-milkglass idea! Your daughter is so talented, I wish I knew how to tattoo pumpkins :)

trash talk said...

Wow, what a great post-so much to comment on. Your home looks funscary(a new word I just made up), love the arrangement. When you get your copy of Blogging for Dummies, send me a copy. I do it in reverse too. I post all my photos and then come back in with my text. There has to be an easier way. I love, love your daughter's artwork. A tattoo is what I want for White Trash-maybe I need to hire her to design one for me. Hmmm Anyway, this was a great post.

Candy said...

Your Halloween decor is fabulous! Just enough I think...a lot more than I have.

The colors of your front door and bathroom are beautiful too. Love your style!


kari and kijsa said...

That couple is too cute in their clever costumes!!!! Great, no we mean, fabulous decorations!!!

kari & kijsa