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Friday, October 10, 2008

Autumn Leaves, Bunco and Newly Painted Room

Do you have much fall color this year? Half of our trees have turned brown and lost leaves already. I was thrilled to see these rain clouds moving in but am afraid it is too little, too late.We have some color going on in our Maples but I think we may have to rely on shrubs this year for impact.
I can't believe all the leaves on the ground this early. No use fretting over things beyond our control. Autumn is still the most beautiful season.
It was Bunco night this past Wednesday. We played at lovely Rita's lovely home. This house is stunning. (as are the girls seated around the table.)
We enjoyed food, laughter and a rousing game as usual. Is this kitchen to die for? This house is so grand that this catalog features pictures from the inside and outside in it's October, November and December catalogs.

This cover picture is one of Rita and Jim's mantles dressed for Christmas by Frontgate. I love to dream my way through their catalog and now I have even more reason to browse.

So, on to my lowly home. I finished painting and have the room mostly put back together.
Hooray for fall and freshly decorated rooms.
I do love this color. It is a mushroom brown color by Behr called Harvest Brown. Warm but very neutral. (Please ignore the lack of vent cover, I haven't painted it yet) We are replacing the baseboard moldings with chunkier ones and intend to do the ceiling in bead board.
This is a cozy little corner to curl up with a book. I have two sets of slipcovers for my couch and chair but I am looking for a fresh look. I was thinking off white so I could change colors with my pillows. Is that too boring? With two dogs and three cats I need something I can easily wash.
A bit of autumn color in vintage china.
My mantle has changed a bit with the addition of shutters I purchased for 50 cents at a yard sale! I got 4 of them and sprayed them black. The other two came hinged together and I am using them on my porch. Ignore the big black box in the corner. I can't find a cabinet big enough to hold it without taking up the whole room.
Love the black against my new wall color.
I offset the arrangement this time for more interest.
I bought this guy a few years ago at Homegoods and he is one of my favorites.
I hope to move on to a little kitchen arranging soon. You know, once you start tweaking it is hard to stop.

Have a fabulous Friday, P.
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Sue said...

Thanks for taking us on the tour of your new room. I absolutely LOVE the bunny picture and the grouping underneath. Also adore your "book nook"...looks so homey and inviting.

I noticed this quote from your post regarding the weather:

"No use fretting over things beyond our control."

Take a stroll over to my blog and give me your take on this "thing beyond our control"...

Thanks! Waiting to hear your take, as I am TOTALLY out of my element in this matter as to what to do...if anything can be done.

Berlin Deluxxe said...

The color really is a beautiful backdrop for your home. Great choice!