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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Antiquing and Pumpkin Hunting

It was a sunny day in the 80's here in south west Ohio, so we decided to get our pumpkins. We live in an area that used to be considered "out in the country" but is becoming more suburban every year. Because of this we had to go farther "out in the country" to Ross, Ohio, to hunt for our pumpkins. But first a stop here.We left with a small box of vintage goodies that I will share with you later.
On to Brown's Farm Market, where pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes. Some extra large.
The farm house decked out for fall.
Don't you just love all that orange?
I could give up every blade of grass in my yard for this bounty.
Creamsicle colors. Just luscious.
These bumpy guys are bred with a disease to make them ugly. I don't think there is such a thing as an ugly pumpkin.
Orange and white yumminess.
I could be a pumpkin farmer...except for the hard work, bugs and all the other stuff you have to grow to make money. So, maybe not.
Look under the tree, there are some very odd squashes there.
Bright orange and yellow, there is nothing more cheerful.
The farm stand loaded with Autumn goodness.
They get busy this time of year.
I just love visiting here.
Look at these gorgeous colors!
Rows of delicious canned veggies, jams and sauces.
Unlike my garden they still have lovely flowers blooming.
I can't seem to keep my pots growing past September.
Maybe it would help if I watered them.
Ears of corn hung from the eaves.
This is our little wagon load ready to come home with us.
Wouldn't you love to sit and rock the afternoon away here?
Off to load our purchases.
I hate to go, leaving all these beauties behind.
The pumpkin nursery. I WILL have a pumpkin patch of my own next year. I promise to water and nurture it too! Forget the tomatoes and peppers, it's pumpkins all the way. (Maybe a squash or two for companionship)
I guess we could take the Ghostmobile home.
We are loaded up and on our way.
Pretty little bee hives in sherbet colors.
The adorable red roofed farm house where the beekeeper lives. (I would like to keep bees too, maybe next to my pumpkin patch)
High above the beautiful Ohio.
This bend in the river is where our little village of North Bend gets it's name.
Make a left and we are home.
Now to get these pumpkins situated on the porch. I let you see how it turns out later.

Thanks for accompanying us on our pumpkin hunt.

Have a cheery Saturday, P.
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trash talk said...

I love seeing real fall colors on trees. Here the only color of leaves is brown and maybe a yellow. I Want cornhusks and stalks! Bad! Debbie

Berlin Deluxxe said...

I had no idea pumpkins were bred with a disease in order to get that lumpy witches nose look to them. Thank you for the info and great fall pics!