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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Thrifted Goods and Madmen Love

I had a bit of time yesterday so I hit a sale. Here are a few thrifting scores to show you. Check out the bittersweet vine on this little vase/planter. It is more red than orange but really adorable. My little pile. These will all be for sale at Springfield in one form or another. The cheese plate cover will be used elsewhere with a pedestal, the little sconce shelves will be painted and the faux ivory cocktail forks may be saved for art work (or not). However I am keeping this book.
Secretaries on the Spot. I know lots of you out there love Mad Men as much as I do. Well this little instruction book could be written by Joan Holloway to keep the secretarial pool in line.

It has all kinds of fun illustrations and chapters on all the important issues a secretary
had to face in 1962. It has been "updated" for a 1970 edition and it is filled with lovely retro tidbits. We always knew women really do run the world.

I especially love this little lesson. Imagine a book like this being published in the 21st century. We have come a long way, Baby.
So I am hanging on to this little treasure to share with my daughter and her friends. I can't wait to see their reactions. I don't think they will believe it! I think I'll give my son's girlfriend a peek as well. It is a riot.

Speaking of retro secretaries and Mad Men. Do you watch it? I am not a big T.V. person but I WILL NOT miss an episode of Mad Men. Guess what, they even have a blog! If you haven't seen it you really must.
This is the way life was when I was growing up. My Mom dressed just like these women. My Dad always wore a suit and tie. Women really did look quite glamorous when they were out and about back then. It makes me nostalgic for those days. Of course reality is never as good as memory makes it. Well, at least I can go out and buy a tube of red lipstick.

Have a glamorous Saturday, P.
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cityfarmer said...

Thank you for checking in on my (new)updates about Don's recovery...I think he looks so handsome and healthy

Enjoy the change of seasons dear friend!

Love your man!!!

Sue said...

Love your purchases, especially the planter!

In case you might be interested, here are my last purchases from an antique mall:

Think the Bengals will pull it out today? Last Sunday was the ABSOLUTE WORST I think I have ever seen them play!

WHO DEY? Just about anybody this year, it appears...