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Friday, September 26, 2008

Sneak Peak at a New Room

I am recreating my home one room at a time.Last Friday this was my dining room, now it's not.
Abra Cadabra... what a difference a week makes.
I'm gonna make you wait to see the whole thing. A little anticipation is good for the soul.

Have a switcheroo Friday, P.
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pedalpower said...

Wow, can't wait to see it all! Love your blog and the name Frippery. Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

Sue said...

I am waiting to see the rest!

If you have a moment, stop by my blog and read my "Remembering Paul Newman" post...I think you will enjoy it. Be sure to leave a comment. THANKS!

So how 'bout them Bengals? Do you think we might actually pull off a win...and a conference one at that! Are you going? Last week was awesome...never did a loss feel so much like a win! LOL Took the defending superbowl champs to their house...with Carson's bloody nose and all. Hope tomorrow is the start of a HUGE turnaround! If you are going, give a great big "WHO DEY" for me, won't ya?

Anonymous said...

What fun! That's on my to do list now that we won't be moving. I am in the mood for a room by room makeover, too. I'll keep checking back and hopefully will have some pics of my own to show you soon. Sue

Country French Antiques said...

Bonjour Frippery!
Your room looks lovely, hope you don't make us wait too long!
Thanks for stopping by and you should come visit since we are so close.
Merci also for including me in your blogroll :)
I have added you to mine.
Hopefully we will meet one day!