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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Seven More Lovely Blogs

What, for me? Really, you shouldn't have. Of course I'll accept.

Deb at Talking Trash nominated me too. Thanks sweetie! So I get to give a quick list of a few more of the many inspiring people out there in blog world. This is for you...
Fabulous pictures, the name says it all. Cindy you are an inspiration.
Ideas, great photography and life along the Ohio River. Thanks Teresa.
Incredible European decorating within a few hours drive of my home. Nuff said.
Eye candy, eye candy, and an Ohio shop owner to boot. I have to visit!
Sue is a fab junk girl who is a wealth of advice on how to juggle lots of goodies and shows and still have fun.
The Silver Bella girl herself. What more can I say?
Julia is a Cincinnati lady with the same type of house addiction that many of us share. So many houses so little time (or access). Take a peek!
I really have to update my blog inspiration list with about a thousand more, but thanks so much to all of the above for so much reading and ogling pleasure.

Have an inspiring Wednesday, P.

P.S. I really am going to shut up til at least Friday.
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Urban Farmhouse said...

Thanks for the award and for visiting my blog! The bloggin world is so undiscovered by so many they just don't know what they are missing! Thornville is about 30 minutes east of Columbus just 4 miles from interstate 70. For those customers who can't make it here I launched online shopping on my website on July 2nd. Whew! Whole new world there! Thanks again! Lisa

Teresa @ PlumWater Cottage said...

Thank you for the award and the kind comment on my blog. I'm feeling the "Ohio Connection"...I'm originally from the Troy/Dayton area and absolutely love Cincinnati...thanks for the tour!

Country French Antiques said...

Merci beaucoup!
I'm flattered and much appreciate the mention.
Your almost in my backyard. Hopefully we will meet one day.
Nice blog you have too!!
Thanks again

Kasey said...

great sites that were awarded!
love urban farmhouse.

Anonymous said...

Hi , I posted a gushing little post today to say Thank you so much! What a great way to make new friends. I am looking forward to your Friday post. Sue

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I finally showed up to say Thank You! Sorry about that, things have been crazy busy! I really do appreciate your kind words about my blog!

Heidi ( said...

Hi! I found my way over here from Teresa's blog! Funny thing...I know all cats basically look the same...but your cat looks EXACTLY like our cat, Tiger! Ha! Kind of weird to open someone's blog and find (what seemed to be) MY cat! Love all your links to other fab blogs....