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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Remember When

I have been reading Anne-Marie MacDonald's "The Way the Crow Flies", a wonderfully written book with many layers. It is a mystery, a walk down memory lane and it is about the many ways we loose our innocence and how we become who we are. Summer has truly ended and we are beginning the colorful days of Fall. The changing light and color, the book, and a question I received in one of those silly e-mail "about you" lists ("Are you missing someone right now?") has me thinking about this feeling we all share and how it links us. Who are you missing?
We all have loved ones and friends that have passed on before us who will always be in our hearts and on our minds. We all share this sorrow and although "I know just how you feel" is inadequate it is usually completely true.
Missing someone or something is part of life that probably begins at birth. We miss where we were before this noisy, bright place assaults our eyes and ears. We miss the toy that was just in our hand and is now on the floor, out of our reach.
That is really what this feeling is about. The thing we are missing is currently out of reach. We miss not only those who have passed from this world , friends, relatives, pets, but also those things that are out of reach through time and distance.
The house you grew up in, childhood friends, babies that are grown, places from the past or some object you possessed that has been lost but not forgotten. That is the key, not forgetting. We do not have to dwell on the past, just keep the people, places and things that have made you the person you are today alive in your heart. These are what Anne-Marie MacDonald calls the "remember-whens" and although bittersweet, they are what life is composed of. Treasure them and add to them every day.
I think this why so many of us collect odd and apparently useless (to others) pieces of the past. We see the "remember-when's" in them.

Let's all enjoy our journey, make it a happy one for everyone we meet and make lot's more "remember-whens".

Have a memorable Tuesday, P.
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Karen said...

What a great post today! I always enjoy your comments, but today's post really touched me. Thanks. Karen

trash talk said...

I loved it. It's so true, but I think the saddest thing would be to lose my memories. I don't know if I could bear that. It makes my heart hurt to think of those who have. Thanks for reminding me to remember. Debbie

Frippery said...

Thanks Karen, Do you have any mysteries you have recently read that you could recommend. I read on your profile that you are always looking for new authors to read. I am definitely going to read anything else that Anne-Marie MacDonald has written. Debbie, I agree,good memories make life worth living even if you have nothing else. Thanks for visiting, P.