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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Redecorated Entry

I am 75% finished with my entry, but I just couldn't wait to show you. I am so proud of the amount of clutter I have eliminated while still hanging on to some of my favorite vintage pieces. So here goes...
I took these pictures at night , it isn't normally this dark but I just have to say "More drama. Less clutter!" I feel like there is so much space now, in a good way. How easy is this to keep clean? Break out the Swiffer, I'll be done in two minutes.
I have my very favorite pieces still on display. (I even decluttered the bookshelves and moved a few goodies around) This shelf was in the hall to my kitchen with lots of little treasures displayed on top, and everyone always ran into it or knocked something off. Now a single ink drawing hangs above and a bowl of vintage Cincinnati postcards is the only thing on top. (I love my visual history)
Only two or three things will have to be moved in order to decorate for the seasons. Great Halloween ideas are buzzing around my head as I type. I am thinking of leaving the white mirror propped against the wall where it is. The woodwork still needs to be painted and the floors refinished.
How about darker floors and a faux harlequin rug stained just in the middle section? The basement door at the right will be replaced with a glass paned French door.
Now hopefully I will be able to keep my junk filled little paws out of here. "More drama. Less clutter." On to the next room! What do you think? (Maybe a window treatment, any suggestions?)

Have a spacious Wednesday, P.
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trash talk said...

Love it. Maybe a window treatment-think simple(rollup bamboo blind?) said...

Hi Pam
Love all your photos. Found my way here by way of paper bella studio.
Stop by sometime and say hi.

junkmarketstyle said...

absolutely elegant