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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My First Blog Award!

Two posts in one day! More exciting news here in southwestern Ohio. Patrice from A Sentimental Journey hearts my blog! I was floored when I saw this. I have been reading her blog for quite a while and we are totally on the same wavelength. I have also drooled over all the vintage goodies and crafty treats on her website and Etsy shop. You must visit her if you haven't already. You will not be disappointed.
So now I am to link to Patrice and choose 7 of my faves to receive this award and pass on the goodness. How will I ever decide, there are so many I could name? When you receive your award please pass it along to at least 7 of your favorites as well and post a link back to me.
I must name one of the first blogs I read faithfully which inspired me to start my own, Kim at Daisy cottage is a blogger extraordinaire. I am sure most of you have visited her and her lovely, colorful Daisy Cottage. I could peruse her photos all day long. What a magical place.
Then there is Debbie, at Talking Trash, If you love vintage junk and where to find it, Debbie and her husband Cat Daddy have what you crave. They are in the center of what seems to me to be the junking capital, Texas, and are doing what I would consider a dream come true, collecting and selling vintage treasure to like minded people. I will make it down to Antique's Week one of these days!
Linda at Restyled Home is an absolute wealth of eye candy. Her blog is so full of decorating ideas you could remodel your home 5 times a week. She is a staging professional with a passion for beautiful interiors. You can also enjoy the progress of decorating in her own lovely home.
Another source for all things decorating is Jen at The Cottage Nest, Super decorating resource for finding what is out there in the world of junk, art and homemaking. I also just love that she posts a decorating "to do" list that marks the progress of creating her own cozy home.
The amazing designing sister duo of Kari and Kijsa at are so chockful of ideas, artwork, tutorials and decorating advice that you will revisit again and again. Come and share a Diet Coke with these two talented sisters and I guarantee you will love their special piece of the blog world.
Dawn at The Feathered Nest makes wonderful art incorporating vintage trinkets and other ephemera. She is such a generous blogger that she includes many tutorials and downloads as well. She has a romantic fairytale style that I really love.
Finally, Allison at Brocante Home Her blog is loaded with sooo much info on books, goodies, links, blogs and fabulous vintage art that you will have to visit again and again just to keep up. On top of all of this she is an absolutely hilarious writer and you will enjoy the trials and tribulations of her life as domestic goddess and now newly single mother of Finley. Treat yourself when you have a bit of time and enjoy a little taste of this Brit gal's world.
Of course there are sooo many more but I've done my duty with these 7 so please visit and enjoy!
I will take a few days off since I have overblogged (Real word?) today. Thanks for stopping by.

Have an eventful Tuesday ( and Wednesday and Thursday),P.
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Anonymous said...

Congratulatios on a well deserved award.You are such a good writer , I always enjoy your posts. You picked another favorite of mine ,Debbie at Talking Trash. Love her blog , too! Sue

trash talk said...

Thank you Pam. If you read my post today, you're in for a surprise. I nominated you too! Only you actually know how to do the links. Sue at Bella Shabby said it best, the way you write makes the rest of us sound like "See Spot run". Debbie

Hooked on Houses said...

Congrats on your award!! A lot of these blogs are favorites of mine, too. I need to check out Talking Trash. What a great name for a blog! -Julia

restyled home said...

You are so sweet to include me in this esteemed list! Your award is much deserved, and I love the vintage appeal of your blog!!

Thanks, Pam!!


The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Pam!!! Thank you so much! And thank you too for such sweet words about my blog ~ I have so many that I love now it's unbelievable!!! Wishing you a wonderful Sunday :), xxoo, Dawn