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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm Heading to Silver Bella

I am so happy I could eat a cat!
OK people, I am just going to bust! Guess where I am going? Silver Bella!!!! In case you are in the dark I am linking to it here.
(The link will not work, if you go to you can find out more.)
Guess who else is going to be there to speak at a luncheon? None other than Mary Engelbreit. I have every issue of Home Companion Magazine since the first one as well as all of her books. I am such a fan! (Trying not to sound creepy)

I try to attend at least one art class or event a year but this is the farthest I have traveled to do so. I will try to contain myself and go on about my everyday business until November but IT WILL BE SO HARD! Thanks to my sweet husband, Joe, for not minding the expense and even offering to fly out and stay with me if I can't find a gal pal to go. So, is anyone else gonna be there? I hope to meet you in Omaha.

Have a crazy happy Wednesday, P.
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kari and kijsa said...

Have a fabulous time!!! We can't wait to hear all about it!
kari & kijsa

trash talk said...

Congrats! I am not surprised by your stalking Mary E. I also have every issue beginning with #1. Have a great time and btw, think about it-a hotel room, your husband, no kids!. Have a Lot of fun. Deb