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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Halloween: Creepy or Cute?

Do you prefer creepy or cute for Halloween.? I used to adore all the sweet little Hallmarky decorations and painted pumpkins and scarecrows when my kids were young. Now I feel myself slipping back to my early 20's before kids days when "the more sinister the better" was my decorating theme. So this year I intend to decorate with things I have that are not necessarily meant for Halloween. I will still pull out my massive amount of holiday bins and select a few favorite pieces to display. A mix of nice and not so nice. To that end I have recently purchased a few things that will serve this purpose. Goodwill "witch shoes" stuffed with an orange tatted doily and this sweet little baby doll...I should have titled this post"Dolls, cute or creepy", because I picked up a few cuties at Springfield. This lovely little baby isn't really as sweet as she seems...
Wait for it... CHECK OUT THESE EYES...
This is definitely a Halloween girly, don't you think?
I actually got creeped out while photographing her. Then there is the nun. I collect nun dolls. (told you I had some other weird collections) But I don't have any quite like this one.
Sister Mary Very Scary.
Who would buy this for a child?

Have a creepy Thursday, P.
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Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Creepy dolls! I like 'em a lot. I go for creepy more than cute. Used to take great pride in scaring kids in my sister's neighborhood. If they ran before they got their candy, our mission was accomplished! Weren't we mean? ~Mindy

pedalpower said...

I'm liking creepy more than cute these days. Maybe it's because the kiddos are growing up. And it's so fun to do creepy with antiques and junk!