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Monday, September 22, 2008

Good Times at the Springfield Antique Show

Whew! We are back from Springfield. Fun, hard work, spending cash and lot's of wonderful people. I must say, all you junkers out there that go from show to show have my utmost respect. I had a great time but two or three times a year is probably my limit for selling . (Buying is a different story, you know that.) I still have lot's of unpacking to do so more pics, less words today.

Remember my sparkle skulls? Here they are finished and ready to travel.I got this little display tree at Goodwill and it was perfect for these guys.
I wish I had made lot's more because a lovely woman from Troy, Ohio who has a shop called Expressions of Home, purchased all of them before the sun was completely up on Friday morning! We were off to a great start!

Before that there was packing...
Driving... Setting up...of course you junkers all know the drill. We underestimated packing time, got a late start, set up in the dark and got to the hotel at midnight requesting a 5AM wake up call. Needless to say 7 am to 6 pm seemed like a long time on Friday.
We did very well though, I even had to buy some more things to fill in for Saturday!
We arranged and rearranged as things sold.
Saturday my daughters friend's Mom, Diane, was kind enough to bring Sadie and Katie to the hotel in Dayton. Yeah, reinforcements, that means shopping time! Our friends Lynn and Ed Melzer showed up and we strolled around with them. It is a huge show, close to 2000 venders. I don't think I saw more than two thirds of them. I wish I had taken pictures of some of them, Duh.
We actually ate sitting down at a restaurant Saturday night! It was heavenly to be off our feet.
More moving around...moving closer into the tent as things dwindled...
My lovely crew of helpers...( Sadie's friend Katie turned out to be a natural sales person, she says she wants to do this all the time)
We met many friendly, fun and interesting people, picked up lots of bits to make art with and had a great time.
Back to unpacking.

Have a junky Monday, P.
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Jen@The Cottage Nest said...

It sounds like a great time. I wish I could have been there!

trash talk said...

Well, I gather that y'all had a great show. Don't you love moving more and more into the tent. My goal is at the end of a show to be sitting in an empty tent in two lawn chairs with an ice chest between CatDaddy and me. lol I love your skulls. Are you going to make more? They are great!. Deb

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Congrats on what seemed to be a great show for you! I love the primitive cupboard. Was it just for display? Love it! ~Mindy

A Sentimental Journey said...

That's my kind of fun for sure! Looks fabulous, love those adorable skulls, too!!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Now that looks like a booth I would have loved to shop at!!!