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Monday, September 15, 2008

The Genius of Water

I promised more background on the beautiful Tyler Davidson Fountain on the Square in Cincinnati.It was dedicated in 1871 and is the centerpiece of Fountain Square regarded as the city's symbol and one of the areas most visited attractions.
Cincinnati businessman Henry Probasco had the fountain cast in bronze in Munich, Germany as a memorial to brother-in-law and business partner Tyler Davidson after his death. The fountain was cast in sections and shipped to Cincinnati for assembly on an esplanade bisecting 5th St. It originally faced east, toward Europe where much of the population of Cincinnati came here from. It has been moved twice since then, facing west in 1960 and now south since the newest renovation.
The figures on the bottom represent the pleasures of water and were originally designed as working drinking fountains. The woman on top is 9 feet tall and the human figures beneath her represent the practical uses of water
The total height is 43 feet. The fountain sits on a granite base of approximately 85 tons and the bronze fountain itself is 24 tons.
The fountain is turned off each winter and turned on in April for the first game of the Cincinnati Reds, the oldest pro baseball team.
Whether sparkling in the sunshine or lit up in the evening it is a beautiful sculpture which draws many to gather on the square.
Even this fluffed up little pigeon who has just emerged from his bath.
Thanks for visiting Fountain Square with me.

Have a refreshing Friday, P.
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Sue said...

I was born in Cincinnati, but we moved to Indiana when I was one. We had several relatives in Cincy, so for 2 weeks out of every summer, this country gal visited in the "big city"!

Thanks for this post. You know, I never realized that water came from the statue's hands...Beautiful!

BTW, was the wind awful yesterday? It sure wasn't doing US any favors, as in Shayne's attempt...