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Friday, September 5, 2008

Decorating Changes

September brings so many changes. School begins, summer vacation ends, hopefully a respite from the relentless heat is near and it sparks my energy to get moving once again. I am ready to change directions. More drama, less clutter is my new mantra. (at least for this month) I am going to try to showcase my collections rather than letting them cover every available surface. You junk gals out there can relate, can't you? The room below was red above the molding two years ago. I was tired of all the color and changed all the first floor rooms to shades of ivory to better showcase all the STUFF. Now I think more STUFF has to go. Maybe on rotation. Does anyone have ideas on how to store and rotate beloved collections? If so please leave a comment so we can all compare notes. So...I have been busy. Say it with me"More drama, less clutter!" To that end here is a peek of what has been going on around here...
The key shelf may or may not stay, it just wasn't in the way while I painted. The same wall previously is shown below.
The rest of the walls are a deep felt brown (same as the stripes) called Fedora by Behr. The moldings will be repainted in the same white, Swiss Coffee by Behr, that they are now. I had some help from Baby, everyone needs a decorating assistant.
Another before and after shot below. I will post more pictures when I have the entry completed. I have a beautiful carved wood table with a marble top that was to replace the desk.
I didn't think that it might be a good idea to measure first, so when we moved it into place it was 6" longer than the wall I bought it for. For now it has a place in my dining room (which may soon be a library since I moved the dining room table to the family room to replace a too small breakfast table). "ONE ROOM AT A TIME" is the advice I get from sweet hubby.

I know I'm not the only one that gets these brilliant redecorating ideas in the middle of the night and then lie awake planning until it is at least a reasonable hour to get up and make coffee.
Below is a peek at what was once a hideous gray tweed parsons chair. I drew up the design, chose fabric and my brilliant neighbor, Cindy Campbell, upholstered the pair for me. I love them. They originally were used as dining chairs but now "Who knows"?
You will all just have to wait and see.

Have an inventive Friday, P.
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ginny said...

I love the stripes and I love the chairs and I love the Fedora brown wall and I, too, love decorating. I tend to move things around with the seasons. I have white chairs that I often add a Euro size sham to the back to change the look. That size sham easily tucks around the sides of the seat or front side of the back of the chairs (did that make sense?) I am married to a guy who still thinks it is cool that I want to change furniture around, too.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Of course, more drama and less clutter usually means less smalls. But, I have a hard time with that. Check out my blog today and see what I've done with some "useless" smalls. I think it's a little dramatic, keeping them around! I love the chair redo. Good for you! I do believe I will add you to my links. Such inspiration!