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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Country Home Antiquing Festival

Amid the chaos of friends and relatives still without electric we have been plodding along with our preparations for the Country Home Antiquing Festival.
Thank goodness it looks like most people will have power by the end of the day. This is the third day that the schools have been closed and my mom, son and brother and sister-in-law are all still without power. We brought my mom here yesterday and she is now at my brother's babysitting. It's been crazy. So anyway, we are down to the wire. The aprons for workers are ready (thanks to Sadie) We have stacks of raw hickory nuts, pine cones and moss for decorating the tables and my husband and I have figured out how to raise the pop up canopy.
We are lining up items that are complete by the front door. I still have a few chair seats to cover.
I have most of the small items priced and packed. We called the gentleman who is renting us a U-Haul and although he is still without power the truck is a go. (Hope we can find gas somewhere, lots of stations are out or closed)
I have visions of my set up dancing in my head. This being our first show I am quite nervous but I am sure it will be an education as well as a good time.
I also have a few last minute crafty goodies to complete. These guys will be no where near as scary looking when they are finished. Look for a tutorial sometime next week on another glitter skull project that has been circulating in my brain.
I best get back to work if I want to finish half of what I need to. A small post tomorrow on our way out the door, then look for some goodies for sale and a few crafty/decorating lessons starting in the next few weeks.

Have a busy Wednesday, P.
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Teresa @ PlumWater Cottage said...

Good luck on the show. Sounds like the weather will be ideal. Love the parents (located between Springfield and Urbana) just got their electricity back on late yesterday morning.

trash talk said...

I just wanted to with you good luck on your first show. Just remember-breathe, my friend. The important thing is to make it fun and have a good time. W/O that, it ain't worth doing. Hope things sell so fast, you have to rethink your whole setup. Deb

junkmarketstyle said...

those are some scary skulls!! can't wait to see what you do with them.