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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bad Weather and Bad Bengals

We had one crazy Sunday this week. First we went to watch these guys at our first home game of the season. Titans 24, Bengals 7. We are o/2 so far and I do not have a good feeling for the rest of the season. But what's new? This is what we have come to expect from our guys in orange and black. photo:Cincinnati Enquirer
We left at the fourth quarter accompanied by high winds. Our daughter called to say we had no power at home and as we drove we were surprised to see uprooted trees and downed lines everywhere. Apparently at the height of the storm almost 2,000,000 people in Ohio were without power.
We lost several trees behind our house and the yard looked like a garbage dump but we had no real damage. Many people lost roofs and cars and had trees come down on their homes. Three people were killed by falling trees. We were in the stadium completely unaware of what was happening. When we got home I took some pics of these loopy swarming crows. Our hot tub lid had blown off and they were all over the water! (Sorry about the blur.)
So we spent the evening playing at world domination. My son and his girlfriend Jena came over to keep my daughter and her friend Katie company during the storm. When we got home we had a little Risk game between the six of us. It was a lot of fun.
It was so cozy without the lights, just candles and the wind through the open windows and people we love around us.
We laughed and talked and caught up on the week while trying to take over each others countries. Diplomacy at it's finest. We never did end the game.
My daughter's school canceled classes because of the power outage Monday and Tuesday. It has been like having snow days without the snow.
We were lucky enough to get our electric back Monday afternoon although we are still without phone service. There are 600,000 people still without power as of Monday evening. Lot's of businesses are closed as well. I pray for all those who have suffered losses because of the weather and hope everyone has power soon.
Keep your candles burning.

Have a safe Tuesday, P.
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