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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I am craving wallpaper. It seems to be back in a more modern way. Do I dare?Did I mention that I was a decorative painter? Was being the operative word. Too hard on the old body. Standing on ladders in the same position for hours on end just wasn't fun any more. To say nothing of fear of heights. You would think years of second story foyers and ledges would cure this but every scaffold or extended ladder brought the panic back. (I still paint furniture, no ladders).
So anyhoo, I recently painted my dining room(above) with a faux wallpaper treatment, metallic warm silver and gold under white, covering what was Tuscan gold with a big fruit swag over the mirror (beautiful but outdated). I love it! I am slowly repainting each room that contains a decorative finish with a neutral color. Kind of a fresh start. Now I am seeing fabulous wallpapers out there and I want in on the action. Maybe not in the main rooms at first, (gotta see how this trend plays out) but my son's old room is just waiting for a makeover.
Debbie at Trash Talk has a few pics with a fabulous black and white paper in the background. That's what I'm talking about. Tone on tone with a pattern.
Sooo, before I paint over all my work I do have to brag on my faux tiles. These were painted on my kitchen backsplash a few years ago and I was quite happy with them. (plus so much easier to change than real tile) There are a lot of beautiful finishes and faux treatments out there, however I'm feeling that faux is just not for me anymore.
Give me the real thing! No more stage setting. Now what, wallpaper? paint? OMG this might take a while.
One thing I am sure of, these bricks just gotta go!!!
Have an industrious Wednesday, P.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Pam , Your tile is amazing - you painted that? What a gift you have. Be sure and show us if you do a kitchen re-do. Sue