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Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Can a blank, undecorated surface stay that way in your home?

I spent the afternoon scrubbing the kitchen.
I completely removed every item from my island.

What an uncluttered, easy to keep tidy area this is now. But wait, I am scanning the room for just the right piece to fluff up the counter. I can envision going thrifting for something new to make this counter complete.
I am trying to resist the urge.

Think how easy it will be to keep the kitchen tidy when there is nothing that must be moved for dusting.
But I am craving more of this instead.

I am beginning to think this is some sort of a disease. May be more of a mental disorder. A form of OCD perhaps. Maybe we'll call it Obsessive Clutter Disorder. How could this be a bad thing when the results are so soul pleasing to me.

No surface can remain undecorated in this house. I am trying to cut back but I love to be able to look around and see all the things I love.

These are things that speak to me. Reminders of times past. Histories in everyday items that were loved and cared for by someone else and have been passed on to me for safekeeping. I see no reason to want anything brand new when I can have these aging beauties.

The soft colors and worn patina are the things that make this house a cozy home. I wouldn't trade them for all the slick surfaces in the world.

So , back to my dilemma. How long do you think my island will stay like this?

Have a tidy Tuesday, P.
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trash talk said...

I too, love the uncluttered look, but elves keep slipping in at night and tablescaping everything! I guess we just need to be true to ourselves and do what we do. Also,FYI-the paper in the kitchen is Waverly's Country House. It's my favorite pattern both in paper and fabric. I have it everywhere even tho toile is so over. True to myself, I don't care. It's in the Country House Collection.

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Once upon a time, I was married to someone who loved the minimalist modern look, my life felt as empty as our home. Now I am married to someone who loves to surround me with lovely things, in bunches, in lovely little clutters, and my heart has never been happier!