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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Summer is whizzing by.

It seems to me that this was just in bloom yesterday.I feel like spring just ended but here we are flying through the heat of August. Summer is the only season that leaves me a bit melancholy when it goes. I don't know if it's because this marks the start of the new school year or just the feeling that it is the end of freedom that summer gives because of longer days and sunny skies. Of course the end of summer leads into my favorite season, autumn. Halloween and bonfires, crisp evenings and spectacular colors. Then autumn turns to my other favorite season, winter, cozy fires, sweaters, Christmas, New Years with friends. Winter then thaws to my other favorite season, Spring, when everything feels fresh, new and green. Easter bonnets and daffodils and spring rains are so welcome. This then turns into my other favorite season, summer. You get the picture, I'm a glass half full kind of gal.
It is only 85 today however the weatherman says the "real feel" is 97. I wonder how they measure that.
These guys are definitely not enjoying the heat and humidity. They seek out the cool places to nap the afternoon away.
I should be so lucky. There is weeding and grass cutting to do but I think I'll work inside until later in the evening. Maybe I can clear a space in the art room to actually create something. I think I'll enlist my daughter Sadie's help as this is her creative space as well. She is probably on the orange basement couch by now, reading and staying cool with the rest of the critters.

Have a cool Wednesday! P
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Justpeachy said...

I can't believe you have such lazy beasts, do they need vitamins?

tlmickeymouse said...

Welcome to the blog world! I, myself don't have one as of yet....but my daughters both do and that is how I keep up with the world they live in. I enjoy my daily reading of blogs....that is why I could never join a Book Club (ha! ha!). I am too busy reading messages from cyber space and this occupies pretty much of my free time.

Anyhoo, I will frequently leave a comment or two so that you know at least someone cares about what you have to say and what you do in your spare time. I actually have a co-worker/friend who is currently blogging from the Olympics in Beijing. I am so envious....I want to be there!

Good luck with your Frippery endeavor and I hope many people have the opportunity to see how talented you really are.

Can't wait until Bengals season....Who-Dey! Maybe you could make something "Bengalish" with Frippery....

Love ya,


trash talk said...

Love your header! You're much better at setting up your post than I am. It really looks good.