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Monday, August 11, 2008

Painting Day

Hello all. Just a short post today. I've spent the last two days painting and cleaning up some of my junking finds because I'm doing my first Flea Market/ Antique Show! (More on this later)

I am going in circles thinking "Do I have enough/ too much/ the right kind of stuff". Plus I just have to clean this house and the garden won't weed itself.

Have a productive Monday, P.
P.S. I have no idea what this little square is. It doesn't show up on my post edit so I can't get rid of it. Oh well, I have lot's to learn about posting.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Pam , We are doing a Flea Market this weekend and I am asking those same questions. And I get stuck on pricing - too high? Not enough? Wow , you would think I had never done a show but I still get butterflies. I am off to add you to my Blog List. Thanks for adding me to yours! Sue PS. I really like the John Connolly books but I am a lightweight and have to skip the crime scene parts. :)