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Friday, August 8, 2008

Fairy Tales

Do you like fairy tales?
I mean the Brothers Grimm, lost in the forest, layers of meaning, see what happens to bad little boys and girls, sinister type fairy tales. I love them! My special favorite is Little Red Riding Hood. So much that I keep a little vignette of RRH books and figurines on a red shelf in my kitchen. I recently purchased a wonderfully dreamlike Red Riding Hood and the Wolf piece of artwork from Kenneth Rougeau's Etsy shop. I won't reproduce it here but you can go to, his shop is Artfamilia, and check out his work. Lot's of fairy tales. Love that Etsy!

Back to the story.
Those Grimm boys sure knew how to tell a tale. Here you have sweet, innocent Little Red trotting through the forest with her fabulous fashion sense. I mean, what is more dramatic than a red hooded cape? Come on, Project Runway's got nothing on our girl! Now add the double entendre of old "Big Bad" stalking the little waif through the dark forest. Suspense abounds. The kicker is the Wolf devouring dear helpless granny and the kindly woodsman, hearing Little Reds screams of terror, promptly eviscerating said Wolf when, lo and behold, out pops granny apparently unscathed by the whole ordeal. What a nice story to tell the kiddies before bedtime.
(By the by, in the original story I don't believe granny faired any better than the Wolf and LR did not escape without trauma herself.) The Grimm Bros liked to make their lessons as gruesome as possible to get the point across.
This would never happen in 21st century America. No modern Mommy in her right mind would dare allow her sweet, young daughter, in her cute little outfit, loose in a dark,spooky forest full of predators swinging her little basket of goodies.
Seriously, someone should call social services!

Anyhoo, while still on the subject, Sadie and I have been doing some excellent reading this summer. I recently finished Grimm's Last Fairytale: A Novel by Hadyn Middleton. It's part biography, part political history of the time and part fairy tale within a tale. The author weaves the stories together well. Sadie is reading the first and second books in the Sisters Grimm series, which were a thrift store score I picked up because I loved the cover art. My girl is hooked! Looks like we discovered a whole series of books that we will both devour! (I'm still in Wolf mode.) The authors are Michael Buckley and Peter Ferguson. I believe that there are 6 books in the series. Currently, I am reading Little Big by John Crowley. It is a bit confusing but I am thoroughly lost in the world the author has created. The Book of Lost Things: A Novel (Whats with the qualifier on all these books?) by John Connolly is an absolute must read. We both finished it in a matter of a day.
Okeedoke, away from the computer and on to Wii Fit. I'm thinking that if I can lose twenty pounds I'm going to reward myself with a red hooded cape.

Have a delicious Friday, P
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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I found you through Deb of Talking Trash; love your header picture!! Have a great Friday, Theresa

KpR² said...

Hi! Thanks so much for mentioning me and my artwork, I really appreciate it! You're welcome to post a copy of Red Riding Hood here for your readers if you'd like (just don't make it too big please - too tempting for image thieves). Have a wonderful day!!
- Kenneth Rougeau

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Once upon a time my granny made me a red cape. My older cousins used to tease me. I think they were the big bad wolves! lol