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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Color Inspiration and a Cat Behaving Badly

Is orange my new red?
I am crazy for this color combination lately. Black and white with one accent color has always been a favorite but lately shades of orange have been creeping into my home. I was always a red girl but like I've been saying, change is a good thing. Of course the approach of fall could be influencing my choices too. However I did pick out an orange Ikea leather couch for our "retro That 70's Show" basement earlier in the summer. So maybe I'm just liking orange because it's orange.
I was going to show you a nice pic of my Ikea sofa but apparently my cat is starving since I have picked up blogging. I suppose I will show you what happens when a cat wants a cookie instead.

Even I would show a bit more restraint when I see the last cookie sitting unobserved on a plate.

Not much more restraint mind you. It is the last cookie after all.

Black and white with orange and a touch of amber glass. It could be a new favorite. Black and white, meet your new neighbor.
How about some aqua blue thrown in as an accent?

Have a colorful Wednesday, P.
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Hooked on Houses said...

You sound just like me! I have lots of black and white and then throw different colors in with it. This summer the accents have been aqua blue. My kitchen is usually filled with red stuff, but I was in a blue mood. Now I'm switching the blue out for orange for Fall. -Julia :-)


Your settings are truly beautiful. However, the pictures of your cat are just priceless! I laughed out loud when I saw them.