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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


What do you collect?

I have a few collections that I have become obsessive about at one time or another. Collections that I know my friends think "What's up with that?", and decide maybe they should be a little pickier about whom they associate with.
I just can't help myself sometimes. For whatever reason I fall hopelessly in love with some useless piece of the past. Then I track it down and stalk it until it is mine. (You are probably thinking you should be choosier about whose blogs you read from now on.)

I don't know what draws me to certain objects except maybe that they remind me of happy times, childhood, people I've loved who are no longer present.
So, I had a love affair with plastic Woolworth's birdcages. The ones that people kept their 50 cent parakeets in. (I don't really know that they were 50 cents, that just sounds like what a parakeet would cost at Woolworths in the days of plastic cages.)

I think I began this collection because my Grandma Florence always had a parakeet. The one I remember had pretty blue and white feathers and his name was Billy Bird. There could have been more than one Billy, I'm not sure, this was a looong time ago. Billy had a whole circus full of acrobatic toys and he was quite proficient at ball rolling and climbing on his plastic playground on top of Grandma's dresser. He even had a record that was supposed to teach him to talk by repeating the same phrase over and over. I do know that he could whistle and say "Pretty Bird".

I don't remember if Billy actually ever lived in one of these plastic cages but I'm sure I must have seen them in the stores when we went shopping for birdy toys. So these cages are a kind of tribute to my Grandma and her Billy.
The problem with collecting plastic birdcages is where to display them. (Not exactly dining room or even family room material plus they're rather bulky) So, my laundry room is the perfect place for me to revel in their lemonade and limeade colored glory.

I keep a few laundry related vintage toys and parakeet figures there too. As well as a paint-by-number poodle portrait for reasons I won't go into here. I don't remember my Grandma having a ringer washer (I'm not THAT old) but I couldn't resist this pink replica. I did grow up in the 60's, when lots of people had pink appliances. We had an aqua stove and fridge but I sure envied those chosen few who still had rosy colored kitchens.

So what strikes a cord in your heart that may make others think you are just a little bit odd?

I'll tell you about another one some day soon.

Have a quirky Wednesday, P.
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Sue said...

I LOVE your collection of plastic birdcages!!! Honestly, I didn't remember them. What a blast from the past!

I collect lots of different things, but I guess I would have to say that planters, mosaic candle holders and plates would be my main collectables. Love the pink washing machine! You might want to look at some that I saw on Friday. Here is the link:

Hope you had a great holiday weekend! said...

That is what is so nice about blogs, all of us understand these collections! yes, my real life freinds wonder about my "stuff", but my blog friends always get it.

Cool birdcages! And I like your song play list too.

Berlin Deluxxe said...

I honestly have never heard of plastic birdcages! They are really neat, the colors, the shapes, even the little details on them are cute. So unique! See, now you have me looking up something new on eBay. :)