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Monday, August 18, 2008

Change in the Air

I'm back. Things that were planned did not get done. Partly because of this. I'm not complaining...
but this summer has been full of teenagers. My daughter, Sadie, has probably had at least one friend spend the night most of the evenings this summer. (Katie on bass and my nephew Jacob, above, are frequent visitors) Often three or four kids will stay. My son, Joe, who now lives in his own apartment closer to U.C. and work, has been home almost every weekend at least one night. He always brings a few friends with him to swim, camp or just hang out. It isn't unusual to have eight kids sleeping over (Only two of whom are mine). I really don't mind, but it isn't conducive to completing home improvement projects. So, things are not getting done. That said, a change is definitely in the air. I am not sure I'm completely ready for summer to end. I will miss this noisy, always starving, messmaking crew of very lovable and hilarious kids. The projects can wait another week. The kids will be gone too soon. So, on to the change in the air. Little signs that summer is winding down.

A flock of turkeys is now convening beneath the bird feeder. They meet for meals at least three times a day.
They are such fat, funny things. They never fail to bring a smile. But grown up turkeys mean summer is almost gone. There is a change in the afternoon light, softer and more golden. A mist is starting to gather before night falls.
The sweet, slightly sad feeling of seasons changing and another year passing tugs at my heart. However, I also feel the joy of new beginnings. My daughter will be a senior this year. The crisp cool days of autumn are approaching. I will be setting up my first flea market space at the Springfield Antique Show and those rooms will get finished eventually. I've also been planning for some Halloween decorating and crafts. That spookiest of seasons will be upon us soon enough. I can feel it in the full moon.
Maybe it's just because my cat has been doing this...

Have a fun filled Monday, P.
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trash talk said...

Reading your post made me feel sad in a sweet way. I miss having to count shoes in the hallway to know how many had stayed the nite, when our kids were still at home. There's always one home, right? And yes, projects will get done-just later rather than sooner. Don't blink, my baby will soon be turning 33. Enjoy them.