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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Blink of an Eye

The time from preschool to Senior year has passed in a moment. I blinked and it was over. What a bittersweet day this is. My little girl's last year of high school starts today. Her kiss on my cheek and her foot out the door towards her future. Backpack, car keys "love ya, gotta go, I'm gonna be late..."My little girl, best friend, bunny rabbit. I can't wait to see you blossom into what you will become. So much fun ahead. College plans, art shows, varsity scenic design, maybe another Scholastic Art Gold Key or Cappie nomination? Senior prank and all the fun you girls will have this last year of high school. Please let it go slowly and savor each minute.
It is going to be very quiet here today. Summer is over. Have a lovely day and I'll see you later.
She'll be right back Karma.
I promise.

How about a cookie?

Have a quiet Tuesday, P.
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A Sentimental Journey said...

oh sigh . . . . .that's all I've gotta say. . . enjoy the quiet, though :)

trash talk said...

Don't be sad-rejoice. Now you get to see the fruit of y'alls labor in raising a beautiful daughter. I can tell y'all are close and because of that,you get to enjoy every minute of her Sr. year with her. And it is a fun time. Oh my, yes!

Sue said...


I can SOOO relate. Even though it has been 3 years, but pain of the umbilicial cord being yanked is still fresh! LOL

I visited my daughter in Bloomington for the first time since she moved 1 month ago on Saturday. She had moved out of the house after HS graduation, but was still in the same town. This is a WHOLE new experience.

Is she your only child? Or have you been through this before? Lauren is my one and only and I REALLY miss her, now that she has moved. I will be posting about my visit with her soon...