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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Art and Nature

The natural world has such a profound effect on us both physically and emotionally. The overwhelming beauty of the smallest flower or the largest landscape has the ability to impact us in life altering ways. Colors, scents, sounds, the touch of a breeze or the coolness of a stream can calm and refresh better than any painting, sculpture or other piece of art created by man. Art is, after all, our way of recreating the sense of beauty found in the world that surrounds us.
For my 50th birthday my husband flew me to Sedona, Arizona to meet him after a sales meeting in Scottsdale. We spent a few days at a resort and then a few more in a cozy little guest house in the mountains. (I told you he spoils me) I had heard all the new agey, hocus pocus about vortexes and spiritual energy, yada yada blah, but I'm really not the type.
Well... I have to say, Sedona takes your breath away. There is so much grandeur here that you can barely stand to be indoors in this place because you are afraid to miss a moment of changing light or altered color.
I can see why people believe this place is sacred. I do feel that being there changed my outlook on life to a degree. I returned home feeling that instead of beginning the path to old age I was on the path to the second half of my LIFE...
So, we are inspired by nature to create art. Most art is created from natural elements as well, such as stone, marble, pigments from minerals, which are used to try to capture what we see with our eyes.
But, what about art created from nature itself? We hiked to Oak Creek, another place said to contain spiritual energy. All along the creekside people had built little totems of stone.
The farther along we walked the more there were.
As if everyone who walked here was inspired to build a little piece of art as a tribute to the beauty of this place.
Art is impermanent. Obviously some works of art have lasted centuries, but some will only last until the wind blows them away or they are washed away by the tide.

My son, Joe, has recently discovered an artist who uses the impermanence of nature to create his art. His name is Andy Goldsworthy and he creates using only what he finds, literally, at the spot he is working, twigs, pine cones, even icicles. He also creates amazing sculptures of stacked stone. My son purchased a DVD documentary of his work entitled Rivers and Tides. I am adding a link to a bit of his work on You Tube. This is truly amazing work that should be shared.

What inspires you to create?

Have an artful Thursday, P.
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