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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Afternoon Sunlight

My nephews, Shane and Dylan and my mom came to visit today. After lunch we spent the day playing in the pool while mom enjoyed the nice weather and served snacks to the boys. It was a lovely sunny day for swimming and we had a wicked whirlpool going. Since my little ones are now 17 and 20, hanging out with the littler guys is a blast. Shane is 12 and Dylan is 8 and they just crack me up. They are still at the age where everything is an adventure and since their Aunt Pam is still at that age too we get along just fine.

After the boys left it was so quiet here I thought I would do a bit of dusting and tidying up in the entry. I want to paint this desk but I can't decide between ivory, black or a soft grey. It is a thrift store find in that boring brown 80's stain. What color do you think would look best ?
My plan was to use this as command central for household mail, school papers etc. but I'm still as disorganized as ever. Maybe a fresh coat of paint will straighten me out. I'm also considering a lineny, burlapy (not real words) brown color beneath the molding . Any thoughts? I will post new pictures of my entry when (and if) I get around to making these changes.
I am trying to pare down a bit which I see as a trend everywhere, but I do love little vignettes. It is like telling a tiny story with vintage pieces here and there around the house. There are so many inspiring decorating and display blogs out there, I'm trying to add them to my list but haven't figured out a quick way to add links to my blog. I visit so many that I haven't listed here yet. Please take time to visit those on my list. They'll make you smile. It's nice to connect with kindred spirits outside my own small world.

Have a sunny Thursday!P
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trash talk said...

In case you haven't noticed, I'm partial to ivory and black, so I think the desk would look beautiful in either color. Check out Ralph Lauren' Mayfield Common. It's one of my fave browns. I would love for my paragraphs to look as neat as yours. As for adding links, don't get me started. Beautiful blog.

Berlin Deluxxe said...

Vignettes are so much fun, it's like little scenarios, fairy tale fuel for the eyes.