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“I awoke this morning with devout thanksgiving for my friends, the old and the new.” R. W. Emerson

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mixing Vintage and New(ish)

Vintage camping stools + clearance pillows = awesome extra seating. 
Two unrelated pieces can turn into something fabulous if you think outside of the box.

These camp stools were purchased for $5 each at the flea.

I thought they were kind of retro cool for a summer camp display at my Ohio Valley space.

You know how hard it is for me to part with junk. 
I could not let them go.
What's a girl to do when she is in love?

So I married these cuties to two black and white shaggy tee shirt pillows from Tuesday Morning.
In the clearance section of course.
I had these on my wing chairs but had replaced them with different pillows already.

So now I have two amazing stylish stools for $10! 
Even if I had to purchase these pillows for the project it would have come in under $30.

So now I am kicking myself for passing up another camp stool yesterday at the Tristate Antique show.
$8 and the bad boy would have been mine.
What was I thinking?

Never pass up good junk people!
Yours in the one that got away, P.
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

30 Day Master Bath-DONE!

30 days and $200 was the goal.
Thanks to Serena at Thrift Diving I was inspired to get my rear in gear
and complete my much neglected Master Bath.
Click here for some photos of the embarrassing before...

 No you are not developing cataracts.
The photo quality stinks, no natural light at all in the vanity section of the room. 
Also no way to get a photo of the entire room. Let me tell you I tried everything.
I contorted my body, sat on the toilet, laid in the tub...
Just cannot get enough distance for a full shot.
I even took the doors off the hinges to get a bit more sunlight!
You may not get the entire picture but
this room has a double vanity with matching mirrors.
My theme was Urbane Rustic.
A bit of sophistication and some outdoors and industrial.

I found these mirrors at the Christmas Tree Shop after searching high and low for just the right ones.

Board and batten back wall with hooks and a rustic basket.

One of my favorite parts is the shelving in the niche above the toilet.
Again, I can only shoot bits because I cannot get far enough away.
Lots of rustic and some silver and mercury glass for some shine.
I oiled the wood for these shelves instead of staining and hope that they darken with age. 
I may add an edge with some reclaimed wood later.
Everything I decorated with was already in our home.
Hoard much?

 Balancing on the back edge of the bathtub edge does not make for a steady camera.

Confession time.
Of the many tasks I took on during this project, pulling out the toilet was the scariest.
Once it was out I could not stand the thought of putting that 20 year old water guzzler back.
So, lovely new Kohler toilet you doubled my budget. 
Worth every penny.
If loving a toilet is wrong, I don't wanna be right.
Best part? My baby girl Sadie took on the installation.
Skills people.
Learning opportunities at every turn in life.
Or is that flush with opportunity?

Sadie also sprayed the shiny brass hardware Pewter.
We did replace the rusty hinges and door latch with brushed chrome.

My free art from my stash of papers and frames.
I really need to do some decluttering in my art room.

A rustic crate holds books and candles.

Awkward attempt to get the detail on the mirrors.
Even replaced the outlets.
They were not GFS, which I believe is illegal or against code or something.
Taking our lives in our hands every time we plugged in an appliance!
You can get some sleep now, we are safe.

Some twigs in a basket I bought on clearance years ago.
See, that is why I have a problem parting with junk.
As soon as its gone I will probably find a use for it.

 More of my found art, probably another of my favorite parts of this make over.
I will show some of the details and the sources in another post.
Two eleven hour days finishing this space have my brain fried.

Serena is hosting another challenge in August.
She will also be spotlighting the June participants on her blog.
Visit Thrift Diving for some great inspiration.
As for me, I think I will go sit on my toilet and take in the view.

Yours in new challenges, P.

I am also linking this post to these inspiring sites...
Between Naps on the Porch
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bath Makeover, Getting There is Half the Fun

Just checking in with my progress on the June Room Challenge at Thrift Diving.
Slow progress, but progress non the less.

I was absolutely stuck on the direction to take with the vanity which held up everything else.
Then I recalled my initial decision to keep the budget under $200.
Well that certainly helped.
Since I need flooring the cabinet doors are staying.

A bit of sanding and a few coats of Annie Sloan Graphite and things are looking much better.
I was on the hunt for inexpensive mirrors and I hit every discount store
 from Home Goods to Ollie's with no luck.
Then on a whim I stopped at the Christmas Tree Shop and boom!

Just a sneak peak.
My theme is Rustic Urbanity.
Or is that Urbane Rusticity?
Either way these mirrors combine sophistication in the bevels and 
the raw wood frames scream outdoorsy.
For the sale price of 29 buckaroos I was sold.

Forgive the poor photo quality, this part of the bathroom has no window.
Now I am shopping the house in my head for everything to complete my Urbane and Rustic bath.
I already have the paint as I am using the same colors as my Master Bedroom.
Paint goes on tomorrow.
Then molding.
Then floors.
Can I make it???

Yours in a panic, P.
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Friday, June 6, 2014

Ugly Duckling into Swan?

Since the prevailing color palette in my head has been black, white, grey, gold and silver, where better to find inspiration than Restoration Hardware?

Love this rustic charcoal finish and because my faucets are chrome and I am not changing them, the silver hardware is perfect.
This would involve making new drawer fronts and then somehow covering the existing doors with faux fronts as well.

Same here,
Loving the vintage file drawer look.
This is doable with some work.

This would be the easiest to achieve.
A bit of charcoal paint, some distressing and dark wax and my vanity could have a similar look.
The biggest problem is deciding which direction to take.

                                                            Rustic elegance or elegant rusticity?
Making a decision is the hard part.

Yours in a quandry, P.
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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In a Perfect World

While searching for direction in my Master Bath makeover for the 30 Day Challenge
I seem to have found a theme.

These bathrooms would be mine if all was right with the world.
Tile! Mirrors! Lights, OMG those lights!

Black walled cozy luxury.
I could live in this bathroom.
Seriously, it would be all I need.
Well maybe a mini fridge and someone to bring me food.

Sophisticated whimsy.
I am all about these stripes.

Well gee, it seems I have my color palette,
Surprise, surprise.
Now on to the reality of the bathroom I really have and how I can mix in some whimsical sophisticated coziness.

Yours in the big picture, P.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Ugly Truth about a Master Bath Makeover

First let me apologize for the super long absence.
Real life just got in the way.
Working a big girl job and keeping the house somewhat together while dealing with the rotten effects of tamoxifen just took a toll.
Thats a story for another day...

I have time now that my temp job has ended, so instead of relaxing a bit I signed on with Serena of Thrift Diving and her 30 Day June Room Challenge.

Leaving all dignity behind I am sharing the before pictures of the room I have chosen.
Don't judge, it is really bad.

Our master bath is 21 years old and due for an adult makeover.
In all the years in this house I have never gotten this room quite right.
My hubs could care less about decorating so that doesn't help.
Note his clothes hanging on hooks behind the door and 
the fact that he thinks this is the perfect place to iron shirts.
He can't believe we are doing away with the over the door hook system!

This room has been started and stalled several times.
I finally just gave up.
This challenge was just what I needed to finally create the cozy urbane farmhouse bath of my dreams.
Now for the close ups.
Try not to look away in horror.

From a distance these cabinets might be good to go with a little paint magic.

The vinyl plank floors might make it another few years.
Oh but thanks to the super zoom on my camera the ugly truth is exposed.
The melamine cabinet doors are literally popping from moisture.

That fake wood peel and stick is coming apart at the seams.
This room can't be fixed with a little cosmetic surgery.
She needs the whole lift.
However that is not in the budget.
Brainstorming here people.
Follow along with me as I DIY my way from beast to beauty this month.

Next post I will list what needs doing and some possible budget friendly fixes for each issue.
Feels good to be back!

Yours in sawdust and scrub brushes, P.
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Inspiration

Looking for a bit of spring cleaning inspiration this past week.
I came across one of my loves.
Lists...printable lists.
I can leave a list for the fam and maybe once it is spelled out they will take action. 
Plus I needed a fire lit under me this year.
I am working my full time temp job again 
while also getting ready for the Over the Moon Vintage Market in (gasp) less than two weeks.
But the pull of the big spring clean is tugging at me as well.
Her lovely lists of cleaning tips will be my go to when I need a push to get tidy.
Have a cup of coffee at my fresh and clean coffee station and make a visit to her blog.
The girl has it together!

Also, always inspirational Mandi at Vintage Revivals had quite a surprise this week.
Target, yes Target, copied one of her room designs almost identically, yet gave her no credit.
Really Target?
Thanks to the amazing vigilance of Blogland they did not pull it off without being called out.
In the end they did the right thing but only after being caught.
Shame on you Target.
Congrats to Mandi, who has been contacted by Target.
A whole new door may have opened for her.

I am off to spruce up another space or two before heading out to a girl's get together this afternoon.
Take baby steps to get the job done when you find you don't have a vast amount of time 
to devote to cleaning for spring.
It gets the job done.

Yours in welcoming a new season, P.
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Inspiration

I am sharing a few places I have visited this week that lifted me.
Posts that inspire me to be better, do more toward living the life I want to live 
and just lovely places filled with thought provoking words.

Tamara Beardsley always has something worth reading. 
Sometimes fun and fashion. 
Often  inspiration. 
This lady is not just a gorgeous face and fabulous sense of style.
There is substance under all that pretty.

Marc and Angel Hack Life  wrote a wonderful post 
containing a list for living a good and meaningful life.
I love lists, being on a real organization kick at the moment.
Anything that spells out simple rules to follow is all good.

A ten day marriage challenge posted by The Vanilla Tulip looks like a must do.
Anything that brings closer understanding with your life partner can only bring blessings to your life.
You would think after almost 29 years of marriage and 
35 years of being together we would know it all.
Not so.
People change in want they want, believe and think.
Life is ever changing.
A little check in to see whats new is always a good idea.
This could be a yearly event for us.

What has inspired you this week?

Yours in seeking a good life, P.

P.S. Can you see the direction my spring cleaning is taking?

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Sighted Ahead

Hello Friends.
Summing up the recent months can be done in a single word.

No excuses or long explanations.
I have just been marking time.
Documenting life when I get a moment.
Making plans and deciding what direction to take.
To me, the real new year starts with spring.

We spend the winter tucked up and dreaming.
Now comes the time for action.
I am ready to go.
Energized by people, and ideas and words that have touched my life and become a call to get moving.

Time is precious, let's not waste a drop.
I've missed you all in Blogland.
Stepping away for a bit has helped me put things into clearer focus.
Moving in new directions and unloading everything that isn't working...
Hope you stop by occasionally to chat.
Let me know what is new in your world.
Are you living out loud or just managing to cope?

We are all moving together in this time on earth.
Let's connect and lift one another up with our words and actions.

Yours in the promise of spring, P.
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Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Goals for Home

This year our home will be more useable.
More comfy and conducive to the way we live.
I will try not to be influenced by trends unless I love them.

No more worrying about "staging" or staying neutral for resale.
No home store copy cat.
We live here.
More color in every room.
A happy, creative home.

No worries about what someone else will think.
This is our house, not some show house.
More fun, less serious decorating.

A home where we can really live, every day, without stress.
Where projects can be worked on, meals cooked, games played...
and where guests can feel free to kick off their shoes and relax.

Are you with me?
What are your plans for your home this year?

Yours, P.
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